I am very grateful for the recognitions and awards that I have received, each one of them honors me and they mean a lot to me, they have a special place in my heart, thinking in our communities, they make grow my commitment to continue working with more strength for them.

Being the first woman and Latina to be nominated in more than 57 years of EMMY in the category of Best News Anchor in the Pacific Northwest, was a milestone, make history on these outstanding awards makes me proud and happy, In addition, I have several EMMY nominations in different categories; the National Association of Women in Communications (AWC) for several years has recognized the work I have done for the Hispanic community, for that reason I have won some Clarion awards, I was specially invited to The Washington State Governor's Mansion  where I was awarded the "Changemaker" award, among other recognitions that I have received with all humility throughout my career.

Paula Lamas Premio Academia de las Artes Visuales E Interactivas de Estados Unidos AIVA - Power Moment with National Geographic